Personal Training
& Nutrition

Spartan Nutrition provides a personalised experience and ensures long-term progressive results.Our Online Coaching includes the key tools to create specific structure, an individualised program geared towards individual goals. Providing direct support throughout your journey in achieving your goals, I teach people to be healthy both mentally and physically and most of all to develop healthy and good relationship with their food.

Spartan Nutrition Online Coaching

Once Off Package

Structured Training and Nutrition Plans based around you from R2000

 Weekly Check-Ins for accountability, support, and adjustments Weekly required nutrition and/or training reports to review your entire week. 

Monthly Packages

Weekly Check-Ins, support, adjustments with nutrition and training reports

All Online Packages consist of Nutrition, Training and Supplementation Plans, Daily Nutrient Intake & Management of Foods, Re-feed, Meal Breakdown, Diet Guidelines, Q&A’s, Flexible Dieting Strategies.

Contest Prep

Suitable for those who are interested in taking part in a competition on stage

This Package Is Suitable for competitors of federations and divisions including: Bikini Model, Sports Model, Fitness Model, Physique, Muscle Model, Figure, Bodybuilding.

  • Michael

    Not often in life do we find people that will go that extra mile to help you in your journey. I am one of the lucky few who can say I have someone who has. Thank you for all you help and advise you have given me.

  • Andreas

    I learned so much from him and im still learning by every single talk we have. He is such a highly acknowledged scientist in human physiology. So lucky that God gave us the oportunity to know each other and share the same passion about bodybuilding.
  • Nico

    The level of knowledge he has aquired and his willingness to tackle most difficult physiological elements and understand the anatomy and physiological process underpinning the advice he disseminates puts him in a league of few

  • Ashley

    I was so excited to see my new plan, I am am truly thankful I have you to guide me. What you do for people is a generous gift that you contribute to the world

  • Gpeijic

    I'm not far enough to handle big spikes every week but making good progress. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  • Cameron

    Andrea Pappas has been a great mentor and friend in my nutrition journey, always willing to give advice and lead me in the right direction. His a passion for learning and becoming relevant is inspirational. I would not hesitate in saying he is one of the most knowledgeable and leaders in nutrition in SA.p>

  • Claudia

    So many people have complimented me on how I look now and all of this is thanks to Andrea and his guidance, advice and mentoring. Wow wow wow is all I can say. Thank you Andrea! Stick to his rules and you can't go wrong.


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