All the detail you need to understand the methodologies we employ, in order to support you in achieving your health and fitness goals. 

Simplifying the logic of science and the art of coaching.

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A quick briefing on the process.

Spartan Nutrition’s Online Coaching Services provide a personalized service and ensure long-term progressive results. Online Coaching includes the key tools to create specifically structured and individualized program, focused towards addressing my client’s personal goals. I will provide you with direct support throughout your journey.

I don’t only look at the physical side and change of things, but we focus on the whole triangle of fitness:
“physical, mental and psychological realms.”

I teach people to be healthy both mentally and physically and most of all to develop healthy and good relationship with their food. The duration of coaching needed is different in each individual’s circumstances and goals. I take into account the clients’ individual preferences, lifestyle, habits and goals, and all programs are specifically designed to fit all these criterias. I offer coaching on a monthly subscription basis with RECOMMENDATIONS to ensure long-term progress and sustainable permanent results as well as once off plans. I also offer once-off nutrition and training packages.


What can you expect from our online coaching programs?

Weekly check-ins for accountability, support, adherence and adjustments.

Motivation support and guidance along the way to your goals.

 Weekly required nutrition and/or training reports to review your entire week.

Structured training and/or nutrition plans based around your goals, lifestyle, and personal

Supplementation advice that is backed up by the latest up-to-date research.

Unlimited Q & A’s to all types of questions regarding, nutrition, training and health.

Monthly goals list to stay accountable and create clarity.

Monitoring your health first & most importantly before anything else.

Scheduled monthly WhatsApp and Skype calls


What do our online packages include?

Nutrition guidelines and recommendations for you as an individual and your goals

Training guidelines and recommendations for your specific individual goals.

Supplementation strategy ONLY if needed towards your individual goals.

Nutrition flexibility & balance strategies (for long term adherence and permanent Results) either set meal plans or a flexible strategy.

Daily nutrient intake & caloric intake & macronutrient ratios and management of foods (specific foods at specific measurements)

Re-feeds/Spike Days/Cheat Meals/Cheat Days and how to incorporate them

Meal plans

Diet guidelines and detailed PDF’s for your goals.

Flexible dieting tips & strategies PDF’s

Focus on general biofeedback signs of your body.

How to eat out and not fall of your plan.

Tips on how to travel and not fall of your plan.

Teach you to create a strategy that you can turn into a lifestyle and most importantly sustain.

Teach you how to find a system what works for you which is sustainable in the long-term.


Outcomes and goals – what can you expect to achieve?

Lean muscle gains and in maintaining lean body mass.

Lose weight/body fat and maintain weight loss.

Help you achieve your sport specific goals.

Sustainable strategies to help keep and maintain your results.

Maintain & improve healthy hormonal and metabolic profiles.

Increase energy, recovery & improve performance

Provide essential strategies to improve overall health, well being and vitality

Strategies to help you sleep and feel better overall in your day to day life.

Individualized cardio recommendations (if needed)

Individual training protocols towards catered for your goals

Supplement recommendations (If needed)

Progress check in’s once a week

Unlimited email contact (note not on weekends unless urgent)


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