Registered clients have the ability to submit their weekly check-ins using the below form. Scroll down to get started!

Check-in submission

I would like for the check-in submissions to take place on a Monday with the below info. Please don’t copy & paste from the previous weeks check-in, I want a new page every week. I want to make sure I get your weeks progress from every angle to be able to make the appropriate changes needed for the next week ahead so we can be on the same page and rolling smoothly. If it is not completed in this format, you will have to redo it the correct way, the way I have asked for it.

Please make sure your check-ins are ON TIME and if your check-in’s are late I WILL NOT ACCEPT THEM and you will have to wait for next check-in date or when I get time to respond next.

Please note: I DO NOT work weekends, if you wish to email me then Friday is the latest day to email me, if it is after that please expect me to respond the following Monday. If it is URGENT then let me know and I’ll do my best to respond.

For the weekly check-in email I’ll require the following info as in the form below. Please NOTE that pictures and check-ins must be sent once a week back to me at least and pictures must include shots of the front,
back and side.

The below questions must be submitted weekly.

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