These testimonials come from only a few of Spartan Nutrition’s clients, who have proven successful in achieving their health and fitness goals through the training and mentorship provided by the team.

The progress made by some of our clients

words of appreciation


Instagram Follower

‘Hi Andrea! I really like your IG page. I find it super useful 💥 thank you! It helped me to change my mindset not only towards food but all other things too!🌟 I really enjoy the quality of my life now 💖 Thank you again 👏🏻’



‘The level of knowledge he has aquired and his willingness to tackle most difficult physiological elements and understand the anatomy and physiological process underpinning the advice he disseminates puts him in a league of few.’


Facebook Follower

‘I just wanted to tell you that your positivity over Facebook and your advice on flexible dieting has helped and motivated me in achieving my goals and being the best that I can be physicaly and mentally. You are a true legend.👊🏼’



‘I was so excited to see my new plan, I am am truly thankful I have you to guide me. What you do for people is a generous gift that you contribute to the world’


Instagram Follower

‘You are amazing 😍😍 I am amazed.Dropping posts like these every single day that are such an inspiration and motivation. I am so thankful for your account i can not even begin to describe how much you’ve helped me. Never stop inspiring and motivating others ❤’



‘I’m not far enough to handle big spikes every week but making good progress. Thanks for sharing your journey!’



‘Andrea Pappas has been a great mentor and friend in my nutrition journey, always willing to give advice and lead me in the right direction. His a passion for learning and becoming relevant is inspirational. I would not hesitate in saying he is one of the most knowledgeable and leaders in nutrition in SA.’


Instagram Follower

‘I think your page is the best when it comes to nutrition and understanding the human body🙏🏼’



‘Not often in life do we find people that will go that extra mile to help you in your journey. I am one of the lucky few who can say I have someone who has. Thank you for all you help and advise you have given me’



‘I learned so much from him and im still learning by every single talk we have. He is such a highly acknowledged scientist in human physiology. So lucky that God gave us the oportunity to know each other and share the same passion about bodybuilding.’



‘So many people have complimented me on how I look now and all of this is thanks to Andrea and his guidance, advice and mentoring. Wow wow wow is all I can say. Thank you Andrea! Stick to his rules and you can’t go wrong.’



‘Thanks Andrea. My entire progress and mental shift is all due to you. You have made me realise that there is more to life than eating junk food then yo yo dieting then starving then starting this process again. This is all thanks to you and your excellent knowledge of nutrition and the amount of work that you put in

You are truly an amazing coach and I will never ever want to be coached by anyone else. I am very grateful at how you have changed my life for the better and how I now have a healthy relationship with food.

Thanks Andrea.’


Instagram Follower

You are literally my favorite on IG. You take the BS out of everything. Have an immense amount of common sense and just simplify everything. I’ve been so over consumed by what’s right or wrong, this page has definitely reshaped my mentality.


Instagram Follower

Good day! I have been following your IG for some time. Love your page, learn a lot of knowledge, and started to build a better relationship with food!

Thank you so much! 

Yes, I could not agree more, weight loss is actually not that tough, but staying healthy and fit is much more challenging!’


Instagram Follower

‘Your content is awesome and I absolutely love how real you are about what it takes to make progress. No sugar coating. Keep it up!!😁


Shaun Juchau


I have known Andrea for the better part of 8 years, both as a friend as well as a nutritionist and contest preperation coach. After having competed successfully in 2007 I was the victim of a shooting in August 2008, the injuries were very severe even to the point of being life threatening. After recovering from the shooting I was told by my doctors that I would never compete again. It was at this point that I gave body building up as a passion. Mid 2009 I reviewed this decision and enlisted the help of my good friend Andrea, I figured if anyone could get me back on stage in good enough condition it would be him based on his extensive knowledge with regards to nutrition, training and supplementation. Not only did Andrea help get me back on stage after being told by doctors that I would never compete again he managed to help me win a provincial title, an overall National title as well as a World title. I am of the opinion that Andrea is on of the most knowledgable individuals our sport possesses today, his integrity and honesty are unrivalled and he is an amazing human being who is always willing to share his knowledge with others for the betterment of the community as a whole.

Amy Lee


Prior to reaching out to Andrea, I have constantly been battling with my negative relationship with food for years. I have had a history of binging disorder and have always punished myself by under-eating or overexercising if I ever let myself indulge in food that was considered “unhealthy”. I looked at myself in the mirror multiple times during the day hating the way I looked. So I decided to reach out to Andrea because I decided it was time for a change and I was tired of being in this endless cycle of bad dieting. In all honesty, I was very skeptical because I have had bad experiences with online coaches who were very unhelpful and gave me very generic and even unhealthy nutrition plans. But Andrea was different. He was knowledgeable and he actually cared. He made sure to always check in with me and made sure that not only was I physically feeling good but also mentally. He helped me realize that it’s not the food but my mindset I had to change. It didn’t matter how “healthy” I was eating if, at the end of the day, I was still unhappy. Every week, he made me feel good about myself and gave me encouragement when I needed it. Even if I didn’t see a drastic change, I was constantly reassured that with time and patience, I will see improvements. I also appreciated the fact that he didn’t hesitate in giving me the harsh truth. He never sugar-coated the process of fat loss and told me only the facts. That’s the kind of coach everyone should have. Not one that tells you that everything will be all right but one that is not afraid to tell you if you did something wrong and teaching you to be accountable for your own choices/actions. My experience with Andrea has been the best and was one of the best decisions I have ever made. If there is anyone I would recommend, it would be him. Thanks Andrea 😁 You have been amazing! ❤

Alejandra Chavarria


Andrea is a fantastic coach & human! He is as real and educated as he is professional. If you’re looking for someone who will consider all aspects of nutrition including mindset and the very real struggles that come up with cutting and likely even bulking, he’s your coach! I only worked with Andrea for a few months but he was always available, flexible and reasonable in his approaches with me! Thanks for the guidance and education, you were a great coach!!.

Stephen Gopez


Working with Greek Spartan for several months has been a great experience. I’ve dropped body weight and more importantly, body fat. Andrea is always quick to respond to questions/concerns, and even followed up for unscheduled chats just to make sure you’re staying on track. His coaching method is flexible and designed for individuals trying to make progress, not the typical cookie-cutter “fitness coaches” you see everywhere on social media nowadays. If you want to make progress the right way, Greek Spartan is highly recommended!

Simona Ivanova


I cannot be brief when it comes to my Coach and my journey, but I promise you I am writing with all my heart and love. Maybe I should start with that I used to hate my body and the way I looked. I blamed myself for letting the food control my life. And punish myself with even more food. I’ve tried so silly diets that not only did confuse my body, but also ruined my self-confidence and made me feel weak-willed. Binges after diets after binges…and so on. I was there, I was in the vicious cycle. I was ignorant. The only thing I wanted was to look good in order people to like my and maybe finally to feel satisfied with myself. I was silly enough to think that when I achieve this stupid aim I will start loving myself. However, thank God I came across Andrea’s profile in Instagram. This man not only do share his professional knowledges, but presents science in so simple way that it’s understandable even for an ordinary person like me. Reading more and more I became aware that my problems with weight came from my mindset. And I knew that I should search for help for healing and repairing my broken mind. Believe me he was like an idol for me, so I did everything in order to work with him and be my Coach. So my journey started. Week after week after week. In my mind there was no place for mistakes and I strictly did what my Coach said it’s best. And then came my first goings off track. All voices in my head blamed me that I had ruined everything. This is where my Coach reminded me I was not alone in this game and we do mistakes cause we are humans. He raised me back on my feet and learnt me to move on. Every next mistake was attend by less and less regret until I leant that stress and overthinking only make things worse. I really can talk a lot about this. And let me tell you why I love my Coach so much. Now I can see it was never about the fat loss. This person learnt me to enjoy my everyday, my lifestyle, to look at food as my friend even if that is chocolate. My competition was my bad habits, my inner talk when I looked myself in the mirror, discipline to go to the gym even when I was not feeling like it. I regain myself as a best friend again. I learnt putting my focus not on the problems, but decisions. Andrea thought me not to fear from the scale and being his slave, but to use is smartly. In the beginning of my journey I only hoped to lose some weight. Now, compared to all these blessings and experience fat-loss was only a bonus. Even in the best physique if man is not happy in his soul, it’s not worth it. Andrea showed me that giving my body real quality food will returns me with one big thanks from it and give me super-power. Me and my body work together in a team. That’s how we will reach our best. Thanks thousand times to Andrea for showing me the right path and kindle me so much, that I decided to continue my journey with studying Nutrition in Uni.😁❤

Malcolm Thomas


Dear Andrea, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for what you have done for me in my nutrition and training walk with you since inception ( the early part of last year). I have really made great progress ( dropping in weight from 109Kg to 97Kg and in waist from 110 cm to 96,5 cm ) and my fitness levels have improved dramatically. As you know, I really enjoy my Mountain Bike riding and I believe your programme has helped me advance significantly in my general abilities and performance improvement. Your programme has really worked for me all round and as a result has become a lifestyle rather than daily grind 😊 My life has been extremely busy in the past months and I found it difficult to measure intake and monitor things closely. However, the lessons I learnt and the disciplines instilled over many months have paid off. My body has adapted to the new healthy eating and exercise habits you instilled in me which have become sustainable as they were ingrained in my daily routine. Your programme has worked excellently for me and I am very grateful that I was introduced to you. I feel heathier and fitter and less tired than I have felt in very many years. I feel as if I have reversed the ageing process and have received many genuine compliments from friends and associates for how well I look ( even from people I have not seen for a very long time). I ascribe this to the life changing course you placed me on😊 Due to circumstances beyond my control I have decided to exit from the formal monitoring program but I assure you that I will continue with my newly adopted regimen of healthy eating and exercise/ fitness training. Please advise me if there is anything owing to you. I would like to remain in contact from time to time and will continue to point others in your direction who inquire of me what has brought about the positive and visible change in body and my lifestyle.

Beata Rodriguez


Andrea is an awesome coach. He cares about the individual as a person and not just as a number. He can really pick up your spirit and give you a good kick in the arse (virtual) if and when you need it. He will not blow smoke up your butt. He will tell you like it is. If you are snacking, licking, and tasting; he will read in between the lines during your check ins and let you know why your progress is stalling (trust me, I know) He will also do it in a way that will make you laugh but also get you motivated to get serious. He is very knowledgeable. He will explain anything you might struggle with. He will make you feel like you are his only client with VIP status. He addressed any concerns I had usually within few hours. He is the kind of coach that that checked on me when he did not receive my check in on time. If you want quality, personable, top notch educated coach, look no further. If you read his Instagram posts, you will know that he shares a lot if information that is straightforward and easy to understand. He makes understanding of nutrition simple (not always easy) but very simple and very doable. He does not believe in cookie cutter plans and understands that each individual is different. He cares about his client’s overall wellbeing. .

Angela Wang


Andreas hands down has been the only coach i worked with who has been empathetic and understanding to all my needs, practices what he preaches and has given me results. He took me through a successful bulk and cut knowing that i didn’t want to get too bulky and he was very mindful of my hunger cues the entire time. He taught me how to eat, exercise, but most importantly, listen to my body. Above all he told me to be patient. When my life shifted, his coaching advice was able to shift with me. That flexibility shows me that he knows the molecular science of our functioning body. I come from a history of binge eating, starving myself, hating my body… I never thought I would ever say this, but i’m able to maintain my leanness while eating A LOT more than i used to. My body burns through food like a machine now. It’s crazy. Working with him as my coach was one of the best things to have happened in my fitness career, with beginning my fitness journey at all being my number 1. Very blessed to have had the pleasure to work with him!

Marta Solodun


Working with Andrea was a privilege. He is an excellent coach and mentor with deep understanding of human physiology. His mentorship is tailored to each client’s individual needs. He is patient, understanding, supportive and positive on this very special journey. His lessons are invaluable and I came out with a greater appreciation of myself and what goes into being a healthier and happier person. 
Hands down, one of the best coaches to have in your life and the best investment into your health, physique and into your future! 

Hannah Blakely


Working with Andrea has been a joy and more than what I expected. I have been on a weight loss journey for years now, but working closely with Andrea helped me re-center my goals and redefine why weight loss was important to me. During my time working with Andrea, I grew in the appreciation I had for my body and learned to love what it can do for me. Andrea helped me remember that weight loss is not necessarily a one time one and done, but a mindset that should last a lifetime. I was able to continue to see progress and also enjoy myself and not feel like I was so restricted. Andrea is an amazing listener, will make changes with you (not for you), and a great encourager. I never felt like I was alone in the process and knew I always had someone to reach out to if times got tough. I’m thankful for his kindness as well as the accountability I got while working with him. 



I was always introduced to Andrea by a mutual friend, at the time was diagnosed with the chrons disease. I blew up rapidly due to the medication I was put on, Andrea took me under his wings and showed me how to macronutrient eat as such, where you can eat what you want in proportion. No crash diets at all! My body slowly started developing where I started at 90kg dropped right down to 83kg. Andrea taught me so much and most importantly patience, it’s a slow process. I’m truly thankful to Greek Spartan!



I’m super excited about the progress I have made. I can only imagine where I would be had I not started with you. This journey is life-changing and I am forever grateful. You have been an excellent coach and changed my life for the better! I am looking forward to the next leg of this journey!



Thank you Andrea for everything you’ve taught me so far! My husband told me he loves everything you’ve inspired me to do like eat more veggies, be more active in my in day to day activities, and using my weight as a tool rather than placing great importance on it like I used to before. I know it’s hard to see in the photos I send you because the natural sunlight is really harsh but I have been noticing a change in my body. My stomach is much more toned, my back is much more defined, and my shoulder muscles are growing. I feel so amazing and the best part is I don’t feel I’m like starving myself to lose weight. I’m really excited to see what else the future holds. Thank you thank you!!!



I can’t thank Andrea enough! He has taught me to be patient and, most importantly to really understand the process of losing weight. He will tell you over and over this is not an overnight thing, don’t take the easy way out, and all of it is damn true. He helped me lose weight and even maintain it during my wedding week. I went on my honeymoon and the old me would’ve gained at least 5 pounds but because of him I ended maintaining, that says a lot about his teaching. Because of him I have learned how to think more about what I put in my mouth, and I am so proud I chose him as my coach.

Katlin Gonzalez


I just wanted to share this with you… I decided to reorganize my closet and I saw my swimsuits and decided to try it on. I took pictures just to compare from almost a year ago. Picture on the right is in June right before we started training together. You may have many clients tell you how amazing of a coach you are and they are absolutely right. You are changing so many lives because you certainly have changed mine. I wanted to send you so much love. Thank you for teaching me how to take care of my body and most of all respecting it. Forever grateful for YOU. Like you said, slow and steady… and there is a time for everything. As always, thank you for taking me under your wing. I just wanted to share this with you my very own mentor. Muchas gracias.

Camila Diez


Working with andrea in my fitness journey has been the best thing i have done for myself. It was much more than having a coach. I learned about myself, i learned a new perspective towards food but most importantly i learned to love myself through every phase my body goes through. His patience and understanding was one of a kind, he cares and it shows. In addition, im the fittest i have ever been. He knows what hes doing and does it with such passion. I wouldn’t recommend any other than andrea to have as a coach. I am beyond grateful to have him as a coach.

Paola Ortega


My journey with Andrea was not an easy one. We did work hard on my daily routine, but more on my emotional health. He really emphasized how important it is to enjoy the process while giving the best I can. He really helped me to stop obsessing about the little stuff and move on when things did not go perfect. I am very grateful to have worked with someone with so much experience and who could relate to what I was going through. I highly recommend services if you are trying to grow both physical and emotional strength.Thanks so much for the ride coach!



For 14 months working with the best coach, I would say you have completely changed my life (mentally and psychically) I became more healthier, happier and mentally / physically strong,  more patient. You put me in the best shape I ever been. I am feeling better, became more confident, having a lot of energy, not starving and the most important part I’m enjoying what I’m doing (my workouts, diet plan). I couldn’t thank you enough for that and thank you for working with me.



Having Andrea as my fitness and nutrition coach has truly been life-changing. Andrea is a caring, knowledgeable, motivating, and deeply passionate coach. I always felt important and cared for during my time with him. Andrea is very accessible and always happy to answer questions. He gives feedback above and beyond what I ever would have expected. The knowledge and motivation he has provided has helped me take my own fitness journey to the next level. Andrea has helped me see food in a healthier way. His approach to nutrition is something that I know I can maintain for my lifetime. And he has helped me understand that the goal is long term wellness, not quick fixes. My personal relationship with food has improved as well. Not only did Andrea’s coaching, and my understanding of weight training and fitness has greatly improved as well. Not only did Andrea help me with fitness and nutrition, but also taught me to listen to my body through biofeedback measures. He helped me understand the many factors that go into being happy and healthy. I always felt like Andrea’s goal for me was overall wellness, from mental to physical. I would highly recommend Andrea for coaching to anyone who is serious about making long term changes to their health and wellness.



Coach @greekspartan is THE coach! I have learned so much regarding a healthy mindset to food, the importance of rest and recovery, and proper strategies for weight training. I was definitely in a rut and was looking for new ideas around training and macro counting. I have worked out for years on my own and had a good foundation but was just tired of jumping aimlessly from workout to workout. I discovered @greekspartan on Instagram! What a God-send he was!!!  Though he lives across the world from me and I have never met him in person, I felt confident in his approach and program. We had check-ins on FaceTime. He was always so patient and encouraging with me.  He has such wisdom and knowledge of how to slowly coax women’s bodies to change. He takes into account stress, hormones and menstrual cycles, and includes time to celebrate. You actually get to live a normal life and see changes!! This is a great program to add some structure, receive encouragement and measure progress. A positive experience with positive results! I absolutely love him and feel I have a forever friend, not just a coach!!



Working with Andrea on my fitness journey has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I wish I had found him sooner and not fall for the so-called “fake” training “ and misinformation that’s out there all over social media. My previous trainer was not as involved and I thought that’s how it’s supposed to be. Andrea showed me how to love my body again and create good eating habits and love food again. His flexible dieting works wonders and it completely transformed my body in less than 2-3 months, my entire body got leaner while I was still enjoying the food that I liked without stressing that I will gain weight. He is a people person the best couch that you can ever find and all science-based.  He will teach you anything you need to know about food, health, Emotional state and how to handle a busy life and still achieving your goals. Andrea, thank you so much for everything you have done for me and can not wait to work together again.



Andrea really guided me is shifting my perspective from an “all or nothing” to a “balanced and flexible” one. I grew up being super active and pretty thin, but as I was finishing up college and moving into my professional career, I realized I lost sight of my health and fitness. I focused heavily on cardio and thought I could eat the way I did as a teenager. I was wrong. Andrea helped me understand that food is fuel, and I must give my body the good stuff. With that said, he taught me how to indulge in a way that won’t today disrupt my progress, and how to eat foods I enjoy every day, so long as I was mindful. His training pushed me to new limits and I have felt so much stronger, even with all my workouts being stuck at home during quarantine! I lost some inches and pounds, but that isn’t what’s most important. I look tighter, I sleep better, I have more energy than ever… and I do not obsess over things I cannot control. I just stay consistent, make decisions that serve me, and own those decisions even if I realize later they weren’t the “best” and simply move on. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Andrea and will continue to take the lessons learned with me! He is the best!



Working with Andrea is one of the best decisions I ever made. I have been working out for a long time but never really paid attention to how my body reacted to my workouts or nutrition. Andrea taught me to listen to my body, to be consistent with my nutrition because I did not need to restrict my eating and to love the process. His methodology is backed by science, he’s encouraging, keeps you accountable, a wonderfully caring person and just a pleasure to have as a coach. 10/10 would recommend.

Violeta Gherasim


Under Andrea’s coaching, I reached the best shape I’ve ever had! He was really an eye-opener for me, teaching me step by step the basics of a balanced nutrition, the importance of macro tracking and their proper food tracking. He stopped me from insanely overtraining and guided me towards a really focused, efficient weights-based training scheme. Under his guidance, I learned how to stop demonizing foods (oh, how I regret all those bread-less,  rice & pasta-less years when I thought CARBS were the EVIL!) and how NOT to sweat out my emotions. From a cardio bunny, I am now so much more a promoter of weights training. The results are simply incomparable, in terms of fat loss and overall well being! Thanks a LOT, Andrea, for sharing with me all these valuable lessons! I’ll never stop being your nr 1 Instagram stalker 24/7  

Sara Lazarevic


‘I came to Andrea wanting change. I was unsatisfied with my external appearance, my body image, my relationship with food.  I had many failed attempts at getting “the perfect body” before I met Andrea and I didn’t want another yo-yo diet and failed attempt. Yes, I wanted change, but more than anything I wanted tools to be able to succussed.
Unfortunately, we live in a society that wants instant gratification and that gives us a misconstrued notion that everything can be a quick fix. But we all know good things take time. My progress photos directly speak to the results I achieved though consistency that can happen when we give our body time to adapt. I honestly didn’t think that such physical changes were possible for me and I could not be happier with my results but what I really want to highlight is the internal changes that occurred that often go unnoticed.
Working with Andrea not only gave me the confidence to trust myself and my body but gave me a new sense of understanding and listening to my body. I learned to listen to biofeedback ques, to understand how different stressors impact us differently, as most importantly how big of an impact our minds have on our progress. I would say my body composition changed immensely but my greatest success came from the internal shift.
I gained a new sense of worth, a newfound confidence in my body and abilities, a new perspective on training. I learned to control my mind and let go of added stress that comes with dieting. I gained a total shift in perspective and ways to implement these techniques in all areas of my life, in contract to may past failed attempts.  I gained so much from working with Andrea and I will forever be grateful for his commitment, wisdom, and dedication. Thank you, a thousand times, over. Thank you.’

Sandy He


Coach Andrea’s once-off plan really showed me the way! I am making amazing progress following his plan and couldn’t be happier! Coach Andrea’s plan and teaching were to the point, honest, and made a lot of sense. After trying some diet fads over the years, I have found something I can commit to and make this a lifestyle change. Fat loss is the same as everything else in life, consistency, patience, and disciplines are the keys at achieving success. There are no short cuts, if you are willing to do the hard work and make it a way of life, you will see results. Thank you so much!!!



Working with you these past 8 months have been so eye opening. I came to you for what I thought would be such a simple process, just wanted to get lean and thought it would be a seamless process. From the start you have been so open on how there’s never a deadline for fat loss and on how to make this a lifestyle. I truly didn’t know how much I needed you! You have helped me so much improve my relationship with food. A lot of it I didn’t see before I had you! It was never about restricting anything to get results and that is what has helped so much. I also have learned so much from you, more than I was ever expecting! You have been so much more than a nutrition and programming coach, you care so much more about just the results and about how I was doing mentally. It has been so nice having you in my court cheering for me through this process. I am sad to have to leave you, and hope to find you once again in the future! I can not thank you enough for what you have done and helped me accomplish.



Thank you Andrea for coaxing, encouraging  and supporting me in a kind and really nurturing way. You are invested, with passion, in your clients getting the most out of training with you.
I have learnt so much from you and the finer points (that I was missing) that are necessary to bring out the best in your body as well as bringing out the best in your body shape through consistency in diet and training. With the consistent following of your awesome training programmers that I LOVED doing, alongside the diet, I have seen my body respond and move towards the shape that I have wanted.
Much appreciation for the work that you do with so much enthusiasm, love, depth and breadth of knowledge and deep commitment. 

Maribel Ortega 


Over the last year and a half, I’ve had the opportunity to grow into the lifestyle I always envisioned for myself and I have to give credit where it’s due. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Coach Andrea. If you’re thinking about reaching out, just DO IT! You will only find yourself feeling thankful each passing day.

Aside from losing weight and dropping inches in all the right places, the knowledge I’ve added to my tool box is what I believe to be the most priceless achievement – thanks to the best coach around!

Andrea is an amazing person and coach but what makes him stand out is his passion, dedication, support and consistent feedback during and sometimes even in between check ins. Never once did I feel like I was put on a back burner even after a year and a half of being a client. Coach Andrea is a coach I would recommend to anyone who is ready to put in the work to meet the goals they desire. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for tough love and he isn’t shy to provide when needed, but always in a way to encourage and never the opposite.

Thank you coach Andrea for showing me the way & providing me the tools I need to navigate my journey for years to come.




Think about everything you have done in the past in order for you to reach your desired body. You were starving, tired and just overall miserable. Working with Andrea, you don’t have to suffer through all of that in order to lose body fat. You become at peace with your body. The knowledge, understanding and application to the lifestyle to obtain it that Andrea provides is invaluable. He takes the time to get to know you so that he can provided the best plan for YOU. Without a doubt there needs to be more coaches like Andrea in this world.



I worked with Andrea for about a year and a half – during that time Andrea became more than a fitness coach for me: he became a friend, but also my sounding board. He helped me with so much more than with my fitness goals! He helped me learn my bad habits and how to solve them; was patient with me when my anxiety got the best of me; and truly helped me stop the negative/guilty yo-yo cycle that I had been on for so many years. Andrea helped me get my confidence back. Not only that, but I credit him for getting me through the pandemic… I can only imagine how my past, negative thoughts and habits would have gotten the best of me during such a rough time. I was able to form new, HEALTHY habits; learn the basics behind nutrition, fat loss, and consistency; but also finally make real progress towards my overarching health goals… about 20lbs of fat loss that I have KEPT off – plus I’m able to lift heavier than ever before! I am truly the happiest with my body than I’ve ever been. I still have a ways to go before I say I’ve absolutely reached my goals… but now I am absolutely a fan of the process, and am happier than ever. Thank you Andrea for being a fantastic coach – and trust that I’ll be back in your WhatsApp soon enough 😉 

Robin Faulkner  


When I first began working with you I was hoping for a program that would help me with fat loss and strength training. Never in a million years did I expect to grow in the areas that I have. For years I had a love-hate relationship with the scale. It was a constant source of frustration in all my previous weight loss attempts. I can honestly say after working with you and everything I’ve learned, I am completely free of any emotional attachment to the number on the scale. You’ve taught me so much about body composition and fat loss. Without your patience and guidance along the way, I know I would have given up long before I was able to see the changes in my body. Once I started losing inches it became crystal clear the scale was not the best indicator of my progress.
Along the way, as we worked through different Nutrition plans I learned to let go of all the disordered thinking I had towards food. I am now able, for the first time in my life, to eat all foods without any guilt. I choose what I want to eat and when and never feel bad for treats or splurges. you’ve given me so many different strategies to stay on track without sacrificing all the fun and pleasure associated with eating and socializing and living life to the fullest. As I complete this journey I will continue my work in the gym as I’ve loved every single workout you planned for me. I will miss my weekly check-ins and all of your messages filled with such words of encouragement and positivity. You are truly the best coach I have ever had and I am so incredibly grateful for everything you taught me. i wish you the very best!! Much love and blessings



Working with Spartan nutrition and Coach Andrea has been invaluable. His attention to detail and investment in his clients is tangible, despite being halfway across the world. Coach Andrea is so thorough and his attention to the details (as I stated above) is unparalleled—His coaching has helped me gain an in depth understanding and dig deeper into biofeedback, what may be going on hormonally. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that the scale does not matter and that is liberating! Spartan Nutrition and Coach Andrea are top notch! Thank you for being apart of my journey! 



Working with Andrea as a coach has provided me the knowledge, mental strength, and confidence to improve my overall health and change my outlook on fitness and nutrition. Prior to reaching out to Andrea, I struggled with my relationship with food and the ability to make the physical changes I wanted. His education, encouragement, and accountability allowed me to reach my own goals in a healthy and effective way. Throughout the process I felt in control of my choices, nutrition, and training and could see progress along the way – both physically and mentally. Andrea provided me all the tools I needed to make the change I wanted and cheered me on and coached me along the way. After a year and a half, I now feel confident to independently take control of my nutrition and training. This was one of the best decisions I have made and would absolutely recommend Andrea’s coaching to everyone.

words of appreciation
–  bianca papas, Spartan Fairy



I started my journey with Bianca because I needed to lose a couple of kg’s but my main goal was to lose body fat most especially round my belly / back which have always been my ‘problem’ areas and also I wanted to build muscle and get fit. I’m not into the skinny look at all and being someone who just loves food and tends to overeat and has a really busy social lifestyle on weekends which involves eating out most weekends I needed help with my nutrition – an eating plan that is not boring or restrictive but at the same time fits in with my fat loss goals. 

I was a little sceptical as I had previously had a coach for a brief period of time who gave me an eating plan which entailed quite a large calorie deficit, the exact same meals every single day for months and a promise of a transformed body within 3 months. My weight loss (more than I’d wanted) happened really quickly but of course this was  not sustainable and I got bored and tired and de-motivated pretty quickly. 

I chose Bianca because I follow her and her husband Greek Spartan on social media and her nutrition and fitness posts really appealed to me and tied in with my goals and were/are a huge inspiration. And of course Bianca looks the part too!! 

Bianca’s coaching soon taught me that nutrition does not have to be restrictive, repetitive or boring, that I can still eat a lot of food as long as it fits in to my calorie goals and at the same time ensuring that my macros are in the right proportion I.e. eating the right amounts from all food groups and very importantly that consistency is key. She also taught me that the right nutrition and exercise should become a lifestyle, is and will always be a work in progress, and that sometimes life happens and it’s ok and normal to slide backwards as long as you pick yourself up, carry on and never give up.

Bianca’s coaching is always gentle, supportive, caring, kind and encouraging and she is always celebrates progress even when I couldn’t see it. 

My weekly check-ins showed me quite early on what can be achieved, how I could drastically change my body composition and even shape and even when I felt stuck or discouraged and felt that I wasn’t achieving results fast enough Bianca was always supportive and always quick to point out progress made which always motivated me to keep going.



My journey with Bianca was nothing short of life changing. Not only is she super supportive and understanding, but her easy style of coaching assisted in not only weight loss but a better understanding in eating ALL food groups and not leaving out one.

If it wasn’t for her I would not have been able to do my back op as I needed to weigh in at a certain weight in order to qualify. Bianca, you are beyond amazing and I am eternally grateful.



I started coaching with Bianca in February 2021, after many many years of failed diets, made worse by the pandemic.  During the pandemic… with the working from home, gyms being closed and losing close family members I found comfort in Netflix and eating. Before I knew it I weighed 85kg the most I’ve ever weighed in my life. I actively tried losing weight from November 2020 but nothing I did made much of a difference. I decided I needed a coach if nothing but for the accountability factor. What I received since working with Bianca is way more than accountability, it has been life changing. Not only have I lost weight and feel amazing about my mental and physical heath but other factors and parts of my life have changed. I’m more confident in the workplace, I love doing activities with family and friends and most importantly I have a better relationship with food… I don’t cut out carbs or dessert and I can still enjoy a good glass of wine when needed. I still go out and celebrate with friends and family while reaching my goals. No one in my close circle even realised I was on a ‘diet’ until all my clothes looked too big on me and this was purely because my food choices were not restrictive. 

The best gift I gave myself was to start working with Bianca, I no longer think about weight or food as bad but now I think about my wellbeing overall and how am I treating myself. Bianca preaches progress over perfection and has the most understanding nature that she takes on a mentoring role when you work with her. She encourages you to set goals and assists in anyway she can to see you achieve them… she is always willing to help with guidance and advice and once someone believes you in like that it makes you feel like anything is impossible. 

I could not recommend Bianca enough if you are looking for a coach 🙂 she is brilliant.



I just wanted to say thank you for the guidance and for assisting me on my journey this far. It’s been such an amazing and seamless process and has definitely gotten me the right head space for this presentation. I feel like I can achieve anything I put my mind to. 

The progress photos and the way my clothes fit now makes me so happy 🙂 the weeks have been flying by but it’s been so easy to stay consistent with my training and eating because you’ve honestly made this so easy for me. No complicated eating plans or workout plans or hours of cardio. 

I can’t believe I get to eat all this food and still see progress. My family and friends have started commenting too because I’m always eating carbs but they are starting to see that I’ve lost weight and I’m looking leaner and glowing 🙂 

So just wanted to say thanks again 



 I was struggling my whole life with my weight and I used to do exercise excessively and go on extreme diets until I finally decided to hire a coach. I started working with Bianca and the knowledge and wisdom she and her husband have changed my life. My mindset, my actions and my body has transformed. I realized it was not about how fast you go, but being diligent in my daily habits and focusing on becoming a healthy/fit person. There are weeks I saw no weight loss on the scale but over a coarse of few months, I have lost inches and my body has transformed.  I am so grateful to Bianca and her walking with me through this struggle. Many coaches want to get you fast results but Bianca will give you life-changing results. Long term success 🙏🏼 Thank you Bianca!



Working with Bianca has been the best investment I’ve made in myself.  She taught me how to be strict with myself but never feel restricted. I discovered a new way of enjoying food and fuelling my body with less and less feelings of guilt about certain foods. She helped me realised that progress is beyond the numbers on the scale or measurements. It’s also about how you feel within yourself, how you view yourself and how in tune are your mind and body. She always keeps it 100% with me: making me feel understood when I’m feeling down and unmotivated but still pushing me to give my best. I couldn’t be more grateful to have her as my coach. Thank you Bianca for all your knowledge and guidance



 I’ve never been so grateful to have met Bianca! My whole life I have had a bad relationship with food and I could never lose weight! Till I met Bianca and she changed my life for the better completely! She’s taught me control and my physical health and mental health is stronger because of it! She’s always there for you and always motivating you! I feel great and confident and I owe it all to her!



Firstly I was so two minded whether this will work, but from the very first time you started engaging I was comforted that I had someone who really and truly cared for me and my health.

Your weekly encouragement and guidance of how I can improve is something I will treasure forever. 

The help that I received more on a emotional and mindset was key to my success in changing my relationship with food and how I saw food and is why I was able to make progress. You taught me that it is ok and not to be so hard on myself because we have a life to live and I am only human.

Thank you Bianca for sharing your knowledge on training and nutrition, for guiding me through this change I want to make to become healthier and taking care of my mind, body and soul.

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